I am currently working at development of push-broom hyperspectral sensors for UAV, in the bands 400-900nm (VIS/NIR) and 900-1700 (NIR/SWIR), with applications in agriculture/forestry and in materials recognition, in particular detection of plastic litter at sea

Detection of objects over grass. (1) Plastic crate; (2) PET container; (3) cardboard; (4) PS tray; (5) aluminum foil; (6) floor tile; (7) PET container; (8) PET bottle; (9) brick; (10) wood; (11) Pet container; (12) HDPE bottle; (13) PET bottle; (14) metal can; (15) plastic thread; (16) PET tray; (17) wood; (18) and (19) glass bottles; (20) PET bottle; (21) styrofoam floater; (22) and (23) PET bottles; (24) HDPE bottle; (25) PET bottle; (26) iron container (with pasted label); (27) floor tile.

I participated in the following European projects:

LIFE project FreshLIFE https://freshlifeproject.net/ with contribution on UAV- and conventional-helicopter-based LiDAR survey and processing for foresty applications

H2020 project Skyopener https://skyopener.eu/ with contribution on survey and processing for corridor mapping (high-voltage powerlines) and airport area obstacle mapping (for e-TOD database)

ESA ARTES-20 contract SAFEDEM http://www.safedem-project.com/project/ https://business.esa.int/projects/safedem with contribution to LiDAR survey of minefields and extraction of mine-risk indicators